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Chapter 1

The Well was founded with a rock solid faith in the goodness of God and the belief that, as a community, we are stronger together.  We followed God's leading to bring The Well to the heart of Main Street in beautiful "downtown" Tazewell.  At one time, that phrase would have been said with much satire.  But, over the past few years, new life can be seen shining bright as our community has come together in greater ways to make our hometown an even more wonderful place to be! 


As such, The Well has become much more than just the place you come to get coffee.  Friends are connected, love is found, and moments are made in this very special hometown shop!!  Much to our delight, part of this amazing first chapter includes the most beautiful love story for our son, Jake, as this is where he met his beautiful bride, Zoe!  Pictured here :)  Trust us when we say this divinely crafted story puts Hallmark to shame! 


As this and many other stories unfold, we are proud to provide a place in which God can continue authoring these beautiful pages.  Come for a visit, share your story, and discover the common ground that connects us and let the next chapter begin!

Our Story: About
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